New Brand

Braunschweiger is about to take on a brand new look.

Braunschweiger has an inherent brand personality that is all about trust, authenticity and value. The Braunschweiger family imbues the uniqueness of their brand in all that they do – in the beautiful jewelry they present, in the service they bring to life in their stores and the warm and wonderful staff that greet and serve you every time you come in to shop. No one ever confuses their experience in a Braunschweiger store with any other retail experience.

Brands have personalities and loyal, committed customers rely on knowing how a brand appears and how it behaves each time they encounter it. Ordinarily changing a look you know and love might be confusing….but not with Braunschweiger’s new look.

So why a new look for Braunschweiger now?

Braunschweiger is evolving, just like the world around us. We know consumers have new buying habits, tons of new shopping options and are loving a modern approach to jewelry style. Keeping pace with the evolving world means constantly making an effort to create more meaningful connections with our customers to whom we are so dedicated.

We are also welcoming the next generation of Braunschweiger family into the family business and with that comes fresh thinking, modern connections and an openness to explore change and new ideas. Robin has joined us as director of marketing, Brian has joined after a great stint at Alex & Ani and Mariana as the Sales Manager.

They are infusing Braunschweiger with new thinking and connectivity that is engaging and exciting.

We know our customers are very busy people, traveling often, thoroughly involved with family and the community. They’re turning to social media to stay ahead of news and to remain connected to each other and the world.

Our goal in creating a new look is to make it easier to be found by customers, show up in new places and in new ways. It is important to us to look as modern as the jewelry pieces that fill our stores.

Braunschweiger will B fresh, still B familiar and B ever more easily recognizable with our new brand look.

What we will never change is our good name, our purpose, our values, our principles and our promises to our customers and our impeccable service.