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Braunschweiger Love Story: Megan and Luke

Braunschweiger Love Story: Megan and Luke

How it started

While many love affairs start with a big first moment. Megan and Luke’s love grew slowly over many years, Lifeguarding at the same pool for a summer camp.  So, while the conversation might have begun casual and friend-focused, overtime it grew into much more. 

This special couple jokingly disagrees about when they had their official first date, was it the movies or dinner?  Regardless, it almost happened too late!  Megan was about to leave for college shortly after what Luke believed was their first date and wasn’t quite sure where their relationship would lead.   Fortunately, soon after she left there was a hurricane, and her college was evacuated. She came back home to NJ for a short stay and that’s when Luke took the opportunity to make it official – and asked Megan to be his girlfriend.

It was hard to leave after that, and even harder to leave the countless other times over the next 4 years. Megan knew Luke was the one when she reflected on how strong their relationship was, and the special bond they must have had to make it through a long-distance relationship.

The Proposal

Luke took great time to plan his proposal, starting with a 10-hour drive to South Carolina to ask Megan’s dad in person for permission to marry Megan. He admits he was so nervous that he had to step back and take a deep breath before saying the words. He didn’t know what to expect, and when he heard the words from Megan’s dad, “yes, that’s fine” he didn’t know how to respond to such a simple response.  However, with that simple response, he could see her father was happy, and so was he.  Luke was so relieved the ride back was much easier and gave him time to really plan a great proposal.

Knowing Megan so well, Luke knew he had to plan carefully and not miss a single detail. As he explained, Megan is not good with surprises and has a detective’s perspective. He called upon Megan’s friends to get her out that week to get her hair and nails done, as he knew she would want to be at her best. He even hired a photographer, Megan’s cousin Jackie, to hide at the Sculpture Gardens in Trenton, to capture the very moment he asked Megan to marry him.

As Luke expected, Megan became suspicious when her friends got her to the hairdresser and nail salon, just for fun. She called her mom to ask her if she knew anything, but of course her mom did not share Luke’s plans.

While Megan thought she knew what was going to happen, when she found herself on a bridge over some waterlilies, and Luke on one knee when he asked the big question, all she could do was cry and nod yes.  After the proposal they made it to the “graduation” party, which was really a” surprise engagement party” (good thing she said yes!). Megan said it was the perfect day and even better than she ever expected. She couldn’t believe the time Luke dedicated to planning the proposal and so happy to have the pictures from that special day.  

About the ring

Luke, with the help of the pictures Megan shared with him, worked with Brian in New Providence to pick out a stunning oval diamond, surrounded by a halo of diamonds and diamonds down the sides.  This ring makes a statement!  As Megan expresses it “there is not another ring in the world that I would rather have on my finger for the rest of my life.”

Tell us about the wedding

It’s true that Megan and Luke still do not agree on when they had their official first date, but they are looking forward to choosing a wedding date which will be sometime in 2023.  They are hoping Luke's family can fly over from England and enjoy a big wedding by a beautiful garden or lake.  Luke and Megan are loving being engaged and staying close to each other, not having to be apart for college anymore, and hopefully never again!

With over 80 years of being a part of these special moments in our clients lives, we just know couples like Megan and Luke were Meant to B. 

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