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At Braunschweiger Jewelers we have always been proud of our commitment to giving back to the communities we serve.

This has been a long-standing family interest and we try to fulfill as many requests as we can from the many worth organizations we support. We always do our best to respectfully consider the many requests we receive and to contribute in a meaningful way.

Braunschweiger Jewelers’ charitable giving is focused on local organizations in our immediate area. The list of organizations is always growing, with many important causes to consider and amazing non-profits being created to help the neighbors, friends and families we care so much about. We will continue to work hard to serve a larger and more diverse variety of non-profit groups, as often as possible.

We want to thank the amazing people who run these organizations and the great work they do to improve lives and our communities!

If you have an upcoming event that needs support, please fill out the form below and submit at least four weeks prior to the date needed for consideration. To submit via email see instructions to the right.

Some of the Organizations We Support

Charity Request Via Email

We welcome you to submit your request via email to

  • A brief description of your organization and its goals
  • The date & time of your event, if applicable
  • Information about how the net proceeds will be used
  • Proof of your organization’s non-profit status –
    a copy of your 501c (3) certification will suffice
  • The item and/or donation level you are requesting
  • A description of how our donation will be recognized (e.g. in event journal, program, and/or social media – Facebook and Twitter)
  • Your contact information – phone, address, email