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Braunschweiger's Diamond Dash

Braunschweiger's Diamond Dash

On November 9th couples gathered at Braunschweiger Jewelers in Morristown to partake in an “Amazing Race” type of contest. Contestants followed clues and completed challenges throughout Morristown’s local businesses in hopes to win a $10,000 diamond engagement ring.

Braunschweiger Jewelers announced the contest through social media in the months leading up to the November 9th date. Once the couples were notified that they qualified for the race, they were not told what to expect. No one knew which of the 100’s of Morristown businesses they would visit, what they would have to do or how long it would take.

Some couples invited their parents to town so they could see the proposal if they won. Others came to Morristown days leading up to the event and acclimated themselves with the businesses or streets while others tied up their running shoes and hoped for the best!

All-in-all the event was a huge success. Ten Morristown businesses were involved and couples had to complete challenges such as wine tasting or chocolate wrapping to olive oil and vinegar making, lingerie sizing – they even learning a dance number.

For one lucky couple, Scott Maxwell and Agata Mielczarek, the day ended in a proposal. It wasn’t all seamless though, they had to take a penalty at Amanti Vino where they couldn’t identify the wines correctly, and at one point ended up at the wrong bar on the other side of town. In the end the happy couple found the ring and Scott proposed on the spot. While the ring was correctly sized for Agata’s finger, the couple went back to many of the businesses picking up what they left behind – a hat here, a jacket there, since they were determined to win, nothing was going to and stop them.

It wasn’t over for the other contestants because 2nd and 3rd place couples and all the contestants received a beautiful swag bag with goodies not only from the participating businesses but other Morristown businesses as well.

Watch the video: Diamond Dash Video

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