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The Future of a Family Business

The Future of a Family Business

As a fifth-generation business owner, I am often asked, “What’s it like working with your family?” I have worked with my father, my mother, aunts, uncles, great uncles, and more over the years. I am now considered one of the “older” members of the generation—and actually, I am not sure when that happened!

Braunschweiger Jewelers is truly a family business. Today, I work with my son, daughter, sister, brother, my cousin and my sister-in-law and we really have a great time! We are always laughing about something but when we have a challenging situation, we all work together to find the solution.

At the time I officially entered the business, the “older” generation was made up of my father, his twin brother and one older brother. They figured out how to make the business a success, and they set a great example for all of us on how to always treat people in a respectable and fair manner. As a member of the fourth generation of this business, I have to say, we learned a great deal from them, and I am proud that we still carry on that same spirit today.

Even with all the stories that have been handed down over the 80+ years in business, this is a unique and unparalleled time. How do we continue to deliver the level of service we have been known for over the years? What should we do to support our staff? And what can I say to ease the concerns of our fifth-generation family business? We have been through many devastating events throughout our 80+ years. In most recent history, I can personally reflect on 9/11, Hurricane Sandy and the stock market crash of 2008.


In spite of these events, and the one we are facing today, Braunschweiger Jewelers plans to continue for generations to come. We persist because of our honorable business practices, uncompromising client-first perspective, and our ability to adapt to market trends and society’s changes. And we persist because we have the most incredible team of employees on the face of this Earth. They are dedicated, honest and truly care about our clients and our family business. We couldn’t ask for anything more, our people are terrific.

In the coming weeks and months, I ask that you support all your favorite local businesses. We are not alone in this and it is up to each of us to support our communities. Please help your neighbors, friends, and those who are less fortunate. We are in this together, and I have no doubt we will make it through with more stripes to add to our personal histories. Now, let’s join hands, six feet apart and then run to the sink to wash off the germs (that is if anyone has antibacterial soap left!)

From our Braunschweiger family to yours, we want you to stay healthy and be safe. We look forward to seeing all of you very soon. And to being here for you for generations to come.


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