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Introducing: Kamaria

Introducing: Kamaria

Braunschweier Jewelers in New Providence is proud to offer a stunning new collection of Kamaria's jewelry, which is not only beautiful but also supports a great cause. 10% of the proceeds from every purchase benefit Restore Dignity, a non-profit organization that provides direct support to survivors of power-inequality trauma. This includes individuals who have experienced sexual assault, intimate partner violence, domestic violence, stalking, or hazing during their pursuit of higher education.

The owners of Kamaria, Ellie and Kristen, are both survivors of power-inequality trauma. Ellie left college to deal with her PTSD and turned to silver smithing as a way to express herself and heal. Their signature butterfly design represents hope, rebirth, and transformation, and is now offered in over 100 variations.

Kamaria means "moonlight" in Swahili, and their goal is to empower both women and men by wearing their jewelry. The moon provides a beacon of light and hope even in the darkest of times, and like the moon, we can all reflect light even during our darkest moments.

All of Kamaria's jewelry is made with sterling or gold-plated materials and features a lacquer finish that resists tarnishing. They also use lab-grown opals and a variety of genuine stones such as onyx, lapis, amazonite, and quartz.

We invite you to come and explore Kamaria's stunning collection and support a great cause while doing so. Every purchase not only adds a beautiful piece to your collection but also helps support survivors of power-inequality trauma through Restore Dignity. Thank you for supporting our cause and helping us make a difference.

This line is exclusively available in our New Providence location.


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