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Meant to B, Love Stories: Augie and Dani

Meant to B, Love Stories: Augie and Dani

As the nation celebrates its independence, Dani and Augie will celebrate the 2-year anniversary of their first official date. Former friends and co-workers, they both secretly hoped for something more from their relationship. They knew that there was something special between them long before they found the words to express their true feelings for one another.

While they have so many things in common, it seems it’s their differences that have brought them together. Augie’s calm temperament is the yin to Dani’s more impulsive yang. Together, they make the perfect team. Augie decided earlier this year that Dani was the person with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. He chose his 25th birthday as the perfect opportunity to propose to her because, as Augie explained it, “I wanted to express how she had been the greatest gift that life has ever given me and that nothing else would be a better gift than her hand in marriage.”

Dani had her suspicions that a proposal was imminent. While she imagined Augie working hard to surprise her, she cooked up a surprise of her own. She secretly crafted a little sign that read “HELL YES!” and carried it around in her purse for about a week. When Augie got down on one knee on a bridge over the Delaware River at sunset on the evening of his 25th birthday, he told Dani how much she meant to him and asked her to marry him with the ring he had designed for her. Dani responded with her sign: “HELL YES!”

Augie and Dani

And about that ring …

Augie wanted Dani’s ring to be as unique as she is, so he turned to Gretchen at Braunschweiger Jewelers for guidance. Together, they combined Augie’s ideas and Gretchen’s expertise to design a gorgeous work of art. The round-cut center diamond is surrounded by beautiful green tsavorite garnets. The twisted band on the white gold mounting provided Augie with the perfect setting for the ring he had envisioned for his bride.

Custom Engagement Ring

What’s next for the happy couple?

The search is on for just the right venue to share their special moment with everyone else in their lives. They are looking forward to planning their early 2019 wedding!

Our congratulations and best wishes to this special couple. Thank you, Dani and Augie, for allowing Braunschweiger Jewelers to share in your special moment.

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