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A 5th Generation Braunschweiger

A 5th Generation Braunschweiger

As a family we certainly thought it would be fun for one of the Braunschweigers to write our blog.

About Me:

HI, I am Robin Braunschweiger Silva, a 5th generation Braunschweiger and very proud to be the voice behind the B blog.

I am a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology, so fashion is my love and jewelry is my passion. Like my family, I love everything about jewelry and this blog is a perfect way to share with you new trends and new arrivals along with tips and tricks of the trade. I have certainly learned that jewelry is more than an accessory. A great statement piece can turn a simple black dress into a fabulous fashion statement, a ring can symbolize the love and trust you have with your partner and a bracelet can tell the journey of your life. Jewelry is more than an accessory, it’s a reflection of who you are and how much you want to shine.

Please check out the Braunschweiger blog, and let us know what you would love to learn and what more you want to know about everything jewelry.

Looking forward to taking this beautiful journey with all of you.

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