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How to master the layered necklace look

How to master the layered necklace look

How to master the layered necklace look.

We are seeing more and more celebrities, friends and family layering necklaces and everyone has the same complaint: they twist and tangle! It is a beautiful look and practical – for a mannequin, but on a real live moving body it just drives us crazy having to untangle our necklaces all day long. Although I don’t have a surefire solution, I do have some tips and tricks that minimize the frustration.

1.) Wear two different length necklaces. This is the number one rule when wearing two necklaces at the same time, it allows all of them to be seen and share the spotlight. Remember, for every inch you add to your necklace it moves down a ½” on your neck. Braunschweiger Jewelers can assist you if you need to adjust the length on your chain.

2.) Try to match necklaces with the same chain weight. A heavy chain will not only twist and tangle with a light chain but it could possibly break the lighter chain causing even more frustration. I like to layer small necklaces for a big look.

3.) I have found that the best way to reduce tangling is to buy a two or three strand pearl clasp and hooking your necklaces up to it. It is simple to do and once you know how, you will be able to change your necklaces daily. Instead of clasping your necklace into itself, clasp it into the loop on the double end clasp. For the connector end, you will need small pliers (or fingernails) to connect the end into a jump-ring. That’s it! You are ready to go.

4.) If all else fails, we carry some designers that have necklaces styled to look like layers but are really one necklace.

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