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Braunschweiger Love Story: Kristen and Ronald

Braunschweiger Love Story: Kristen and Ronald

Braunschweiger Love Story: Kristen and Ronald

After meeting online, and a few weeks’ worth of emails, texts, and eventually long talks that would go late into the night, Ronald was pretty certain even before his first date with Kristen that he’d be asking to see her again. So certain, in fact, that he had hidden a bouquet of flowers in his car to give Kristen at the end of the evening, as he asked her for a second date.

The following week, Kristen remembers, Ronald ‘made me an amazing meal, complete with a tomato cut into the shape of a rose.’ This, it turns out, was just the first of many times Ronald would surprise Kristen. Whether appearing at her work in the middle of the day with flowers, or finishing the yard work at her house before she returned home, Ronald, Kristen says, always puts her heart first.

And Kristen does the same. After six months of dating, Ronald knew this was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. But his defining moment? When Kristen dropped everything to make a 19-hour road trip to help him with some family matters without giving it a second thought, he knew she was the one.

The Proposal

Living separately and with two daughters each, Kristen and Ronald lead incredibly busy lives, making the time they carve out to spend with one another that much more special. They planned an escape to Punta Cana for this past February to share some much-needed alone time.

True to form, once they arrived, Ronald had another surprise up his sleeve. He planned a beautiful, romantic dinner on the beach for their first evening at the resort. As they posed for a picture before dinner with the photographer Ron had arranged, Kristen turned to find Ron on one knee with ‘the most beautiful ring.’ He proposed—and she accepted—as onlookers on the beach applauded.

About the Ring

Whenever Ron came into the store to pick up pieces for his boss, he says, he would look at the engagement rings. With a good idea of what kind of setting Kristen liked, he turned to Mary for help. As Mary listened to him describe Kristen and what he thought she would like, she not only got a clear picture of her but was convinced these two were truly destined to be together. She was able to help Ron create the ring of Kristen’s dreams.

What’s next for this couple? With the logistics of balancing their lives with four daughters between the two of them, they have no definite wedding plans just yet. For now, they are just ‘excited for the next chapter in our lives and for the pieces to fall into place so we can set a date, finally live together and merge our families officially.’

We’re excited for them, too. Congratulations, Kristen and Ronald!

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