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Celebrity Engagement Ring Looks

Celebrity Engagement Ring Looks

Love those Celebrity Engagement rings? So do we!

If you’re in the market for an engagement ring or hoping for a marriage proposal soon, there’s no better place to get inspired than your favorite celebrities.

Celebrity engagement rings are some of the most stunning, and exceptional examples of this symbol of love. And searching Hollywood iconic looks may be just the inspiration you need to find the look you want for your forever ring.

Ready to look to the stars for your own engagement ring? View some of our favorite celebrity engagement rings, our “look-a-like” styles you can shop right now.

Meghan Markle

When Prince Harry proposed to the soon-to-be Duchess of Sussex, he presented her with a ring worthy of a princess. With a center cushion-cut diamond accented by two smaller diamonds on either side, her three-stone engagement ring is both unique and meaningful.

The three stone style of her ring is said to represent the past, the present and the future, symbolism that makes a perfect statement for this royal couple. While the center, larger stone is a diamond from Botswana, the two side stones are heirloom diamonds that once belonged to Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana.

Pictured: This platinum three-stone ring features a round center diamond of 1.90 carats and two smaller round-cut diamonds on either side. $9,950.00

Lea Michele

When the star of TV’s Glee got engaged, her boyfriend surprised her with a stunning sparkler. Featuring a four-carat elongated radiant cut diamond with a pave diamond band. The ring has a modern look that shines bright from every angle. The halo setting surrounds the main diamond on all sides with tiny diamonds, remarkably spotlights the center stone’s brilliance.

This stunner features a 1.72-carat radiant diamond in a platinum halo setting with diamonds on the shank. $22,990.00

Halo settings work with many different cuts! Here’s a .18-carat cushion cut diamond in a 14K white gold setting with a diamond halo and shank. $1,295.00

Jennifer Lopez

It was a breathtaking emerald cut diamond for Jennifer Lopez when boyfriend and baseball legend Alex Rodriquez proposed. Estimated to be 11 to 15 carats, the diamond is striking not only in size but also in its exceptional clarity. The emerald cut diamond gets its unique look from its elegant step cuts, rather than sparkly brilliant cuts, creating long lines and dramatic flashes of light.

Pictured: A one-of-a-kind ring! A 9.54-carat emerald cut diamond set in 14K white gold and adorned with baguette diamonds on either side. $95,000.00

Emily Blunt

A classic beauty for a classic beauty! When actress Emily Blunt got engaged, her soon-to-be fiancé proposed with a vintage-inspired three-carat round-cut diamond set in platinum and flanked on either side with diamond baguettes. Round diamonds are the most popular shape chosen for engagement rings, likely because of their simplicity and elegance.

Get the vintage look with this 18K white gold engagement ring featuring a .31-carat round center diamond and .35-carats of side diamonds. $2,850.00

A beautiful .60-carat round diamond is prong set and surrounded by a diamond shank on either side. $2,695.00

When you are ready to go beyond the stars to find an engagement ring all your own, look no further than Braunschweiger Jewelers. Our expertise and passion for what we do are unmatched. Let our team help you discover just the right piece and give it that custom style that is truly you.

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