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Happy Birthday, December!

Happy Birthday, December!

The icy blue topaz is the birthstone for those born in December. With shades ranging from the palest of blue to a deeper, darker hue, the gemstone’s name is said to have come from the Sanskrit word ‘tapas,’ meaning heat or fire. Believed in ancient times to bring protection and wisdom to its wearer, the blue topaz is known today as a symbol of eternal love and fidelity.

The wintry coolness of the blue topaz contrasts beautifully with the white gold and diamonds in this classic ring by Doves, the trend-setting luxury jewelry designer to the stars. Set in 18K white gold, a single round blue topaz is surrounded by diamonds in a vintage scrolled halo to create a look that is at once eye-catching and timeless.

From photographer-turned-jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann comes another stunning option for the December birthday. Here the blue topaz is set over mother-of-pearl on a beautiful locket surrounded by white sapphires. With a place for two photos and decorative back, this pendant necklace, like all of the pieces in her collection, puts a modern spin on vintage-inspired designs.

These stunning cushion-shaped stud earrings from visionary artist and designer John Hardy feature the London blue topaz. Set in the designer’s signature sterling silver, the deep blue stones are surrounded by Hardy’s iconic Classic Chain pattern, a symbol of eternal human connection and community bond.

Finally, from Italian designer Marco Bicego, a handcrafted piece featuring the blue topaz that combines Old World tradition with contemporary design. In addition to the December birthstone, the 18K yellow gold triple strand cuff bracelet is adorned with citrine, green tourmaline and amethyst. The result is a piece, like so many in the Jaipur collection, that can be worn as an everyday luxury.

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