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Snowy Day Projects

Snowy Day Projects

Having three little kids I often don’t get to treat myself to many extras and my days are jam-packed! I recently turned thirty and wanted to get something that is timeless, versatile and can one day be passed down to my daughter one day. I have always wanted a yellow gold diamond-by-the-yard necklace and just haven’t taken the jump to buy it.

During our epic, record-breaking snowstorm last weekend, I spent my time shoveling snow, playing in the snow (or putting on the kids snow clothing, taking it off, then putting it on again) making forts and cooking. That night I took advantage of the calm, peace and quiet, sat by my fireplace and sorted through my jewelry box. I found jewelry in there I hadn’t worn since I was in high school! It was time to purge. I collected a good assortment of jewelry that I no longer wanted or needed. Broken chains, rings I didn’t want, even a bracelet I only wore a handful of times. I brought it into work on Tueday and got an Offer to Buy from our service manager Steve. I was able to take that money and put it toward the necklace I have been wanting.

I urge all of you to go through your jewelry boxes, get rid of your old jewelry. If you have pieces that are out of style, under utilized and not sentimental, bring them in and we can give you an Offer to Buy. Our styles and tastes change over time. I’m thrilled that I could turn old jewelry that I didn’t like into a special necklace I will be wearing for years to come!

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