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Restyling Cherished Heirlooms

Restyling Cherished Heirlooms

Every family has that heirloom piece of jewelry that has been passed down from generation to generation. Maybe it was great-grandma’s pearls, great-great grandma’s diamond, or great-great-great grandpa’s set of cuff links or pocket watch. It’s a piece of your family’s history that carries a world of meaning and sentimentality – and you are its keeper.

The memories attached to this family heirloom are irreplaceable. Yet, there it sits for years in your jewelry box because it’s outdated or worn beyond its years. You leave it in your jewelry box or safe-deposit box until it’s time to pass it down to the next generation.

At Braunschweiger Jewelers, we want you to love wearing that family heirloom full of memories, and we have many ways to bring life back into that amazing piece of family history.

Our experts will re-design your heirloom jewelry into a more modern and wearable design that you will want to wear for generations to come. Whether that precious diamond from your mom’s engagement ring is used to create an engagement ring for your grandson’s bride-to-be or mounted into a beautiful necklace for your granddaughter, the memories will live on forever in that new piece.

One of our favorite jewelry restyling projects was for a grandmother with five granddaughters. We remodeled her five-diamond wedding ring into five individual solitaire necklaces, one for each of her granddaughters.

Another memorable heirloom piece we restyled was for a mother with 3 daughters, none of whom wanted her classic strand of pearls. We crafted those pearls into an updated tin-cup style necklace, one for each of her three daughters, that they are all proud to wear every day.

Now more than ever, people want to celebrate their family heritage. We want to remember the loved ones we lost, and one beautiful way of doing that is by keeping their precious jewelry pieces close to us. It is a quiet yet wonderful way to honor them, and to keep their memory close to our hearts.

At Braunschweiger we understand heritage, with 5 generations and 80 years in the family jewelry business. We have reimagined so many pieces and restyled them in ways that are unique, thoughtful, and meaningful. And, most importantly, we restyle each piece into something you will want to wear every day.

Come meet with our expert jewelry designers and let us create something wonderful for you and your next generation.

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