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Meant to B: Love Stories: Justin & Holly

Meant to B: Love Stories: Justin & Holly

Justin & Holly

“I love everything about him. He is absolutely perfect for me.”


Holly, then a sophomore in high school, shared half her lunch period with a junior named Justin. And while it was clear to everyone that Justin was quite taken by Holly right from the start…waiting for her after classes and giving her high-fives in the hallway, Holly played it a little cooler. So much so that their first real date didn’t take place until Holly’s senior year.

Fast forward nine years. Justin packs a picnic lunch and takes Holly back to the park where he first asked her out. Laptop in hand, he plays a video montage that he has created for Holly—a look back at their relationship over the last nine years through hundreds of photos set in rhythm to their favorite songs. In the last frame, Holly spots their dog Rocky wearing a sign around his neck that reads “Will you marry me?” At that moment Holly turns to Justin, who is down on one knee, with a beautiful ring in hand.

“Everything still feels fresh and new. We know each other so well and instinctively know exactly what the other one is thinking without either of us saying a word out loud,” shares Justin.

And about that ring….

As Holly puts it…“I didn’t want anything to do with choosing the ring. I wanted Justin to choose it all himself because I knew it would mean more to me if it came completely from him.”

So how did Justin do?

“I absolutely love it,” says Holly. “It’s beautiful, eye-catching, and timeless. It’s better than anything I imagined or would have chosen myself.”

Justin chose a jaw dropping 14 karat white gold engagement ring by Coast. This stunning ring has one large center diamond featuring smaller diamonds lining the sides. We love the peek-a-boo diamond on the profile of this mounting which makes this ring especially unique for Justin and Holly.

What’s next for the happy couple?

They both agree that they’re not in a hurry to jump into wedding planning. “We just want to have a little time to let all this sink in and truly enjoy being engaged,” agree Holly and Justin.

Congratulations Holly and Justin.

We are so grateful you shared your heartfelt love story with us.


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