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Happy Birthday, July Babies!

Happy Birthday, July Babies!

July marks the height of the summertime, so it seems fitting that the birthstone for this month would be the fiery ruby. One of the most highly-prized gemstones of all, the ruby’s value increases with size more than any other stone in the world due to the scarcity of large rubies. Long considered a symbol of passion and protection, this red gemstone is believed to provide strength and guarantee health, wisdom and success in love to its wearer.

Lucky for July babies, the ruby is also exquisitely beautiful, which makes it an easy choice for a wide variety of timeless jewelry gifts.

Firework YG and Ruby Pin

The July birthstone features prominently in this bow pin from our Estate Collection. A great choice for the traditional July birthday girl, this piece displays the simple elegance of the ruby in contrast to the textured 14K gold and a single white pearl.

Ruby and Emerald Neck

Looking for a slightly more modern, but no less classic, take on the ruby? How about this 18K yellow gold and platinum necklace? The 16-inch stunner features carved rubies and emeralds which are off-set by 1.75 cts of diamonds.

JB Star Ruby and Dia Ring

Shopping for your July bride? The ruby might not be the first stone that comes to mind, but maybe it should be! Designed by Jewels by Star, this striking platinum wedding band features alternating round rubies and diamonds for an elegant look that will last a lifetime.

Coin Gold Earrings

And finally, for a super-stealth way to work the ruby into the July birthday girl’s everyday look, look no further than any piece in Roberto Coin’s spectacular collection. Since 1996, the Italian jewelry designer has been ‘signing’ each of his pieces by hiding a small red ruby on the inside, so it’s close to the wearer’s skin. Why? According to an ancient belief, wearing a ruby close to the skin promotes long life, health, happiness and peace.

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